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  • Gutter Guard installed on a slate roof

    Quality Gutter Guard Installation in Melbourne

    High quality gutter guard can greatly reduce the need for ongoing gutter cleaning. In the early 2000s we researched local and overseas gutter guard meshes to find the best solution to the type of debris that commonly cause gutter blockage in Melbourne. We found that many gutter guards have meshes with holes that are too […]

  • Installing Bird Spikes on a window awning

    Bird Spikes – Supply or Installation

    Bird Spikes for Pigeons, Starlings & Indian Mynas In the featured photo one of our staff are installing bird spikes on the awning of an upper storey window. This is to stop birds like Starlings and Indian Mynas from roosting on this ledge. We first clean the affected area before we install the bird spikes. We […]

  • Recent Melbourne Thunderstorm – Same Day Gutter Cleaning Service

    In the early hours of Monday the 27th of October, Melbourne was awoken to a massive thunderstorm. The Bureau of Meteorology give detailed reasons as to why this occurred! But the high amount of rainfall and gutter overflow is a reminder that many roof gutters are completely blocked. Regular gutter cleaning is an important part […]

  • Bird Spikes for Downpipe Protection

    The photos show one of our staff installing bird spikes on the S-bend of a downpipe, this is to stop pest birds from roosting on the downpipe. When pest birds like Indian Mynas and Starlings roost on downpipes they can cause rust and paintwork damage to the downpipe surface, their droppings are acidic. In some […]

  • Installing a downpipe strainer

    Downpipe clearing and limitations

    The featured image of this article shows us installing a downpipe strainer. Downpipe clearing is actually even more important than gutter cleaning. If you only clean the gutters and not the downpipes you unfortunately have done little to solve the problem. We clear blocked downpipes on almost every house that we work on. Downpipes usually block […]