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Gutter cleaning with large ladders is a job for professionals. The ladder in this video is 38 feet long when fully extended, it is the longest portable extension ladder currently manufactured in Australia, it weighs 45 kilos. Most of our competitors are unable to safely access such high gutters by ladder. To safely manoeuvre and raise such a large extension ladder it is best to have 3 people, too many gutter cleaning contractors are sole traders working alone without the right help.

Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning cleans gutters throughout all suburbs of Melbourne. Three or four storeys is no barrier, we can find a way to access any residential roof. We work on the philosophy that if the gutter was installed, the gutter can be accessed for cleaning, our job is the easy part.

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Video Transcript

Don’t try this at home 🙂

The first step to setting up such a large ladder is ensuring the correct angle — the ladder needs to be on roughly a 75 degree angle. It takes one man to foot the ladder, and another two men to raise it. The ladder you can see in this video has a total length of 37 feet, and it weighs about 45 kilos.

At this point, the most difficult job is for the man in front. He’s wearing a glove on his hand because he has to pull that rope to raise the extension section of the ladder.

Now still, the ladder is not fully extended. For even higher jobs, it has another 5 feet of reach.

– “Is there much in there?”

– “Yes, a fair bit.”

Whether your gutters are filled with sticks and leaves or mud, or in this case, small sections of old gutter guard, we will find a way to access any roof. We work on the philosophy that if the gutter was installed, the gutter can be cleaned — our job is the easy part.

Grayson's demonstrating the high ladders used for gutter cleaning

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