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  • One of our staff cleaning gutters in a very awkward factory gutter

    Gutter Cleaning Prices

    We can give you estimated prices for gutter cleaning over the telephone. As of December 2015, our minimum price for gutter cleaning on single storey buildings is $300. Our minimum price for gutter cleaning on double storey buildings is $400. Note that these minimum prices for gutter cleaning may change in future. Once our professional […]

  • Cleaning Solar Panels Melbourne

    By keeping your solar panels cleaner you’ll generate more electricity and save money! We offer solar panel cleaning across Melbourne. To maximise your generation of solar power it is important to clean your solar panels about once or twice per year. The solar panels will gradually build up dust and lichen. Over time this only […]

  • Never use Leaf Blowers for Gutter Cleaning

    Many people will place the hose of a leaf blower directly into the gutters to force the debris out by air. The force of this blowing air will also push leaf and tree debris up under the bottom tiles into your eave space. The eave space is the part of your roof that overhangs the […]

  • Gutter Guard Reviews

    Gutter guard reviews by Grayson’s! The featured image shows a redundant style of gutter guard that was manufactured by Nylex in New Zealand in the early 2000s. Lots of this gutter guard is still found in gutters around Melbourne, but it is no longer in stores. There are no reviews online of this cheaper style […]

  • Rubbish Removal of Gutter Cleaning Waste

    Our gutter cleaning service also includes clearing the roof of leaf debris and cutting back overhanging tree branches that are within reach. This comprehensive system can result in a very large pile of rubbish at ground level. We gladly tidy this up and depending on your requests we will place it on your compost bins […]