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Cleaner Solar Panels means more power for you!
Cleaner Solar Panels means more power for you!

By keeping your solar panels cleaner you’ll generate more electricity and save money!

We offer solar panel cleaning across Melbourne. To maximise your generation of solar power it is important to clean your solar panels about once or twice per year. The solar panels will gradually build up dust and lichen. Over time this only gets worse, solar panels that have never been cleaned may also be covered in bird droppings. In situations of long term neglect a dirty solar panel system could be working at only 30% capacity.

We’ve been doing difficult access window and gutter cleaning since 2001, the cleaning of solar panels is another related service that we regularly perform.

window cleaning and solar panel cleaning
High ladder window cleaning

Accessing and cleaning of solar panels can be dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment. Our staff are experts in safe roof access. Our vehicles are always equipped with the best quality window cleaning tools available. With our expertise in glass cleaning we can easily remove all the annoying muck from your valuable solar panels. Great care is taken to gently clean away this energy blocking gunk.

If we are cleaning gutters and windows at your home, feel free to ask our staff about cleaning your solar panels at the same time.

Some similar cleaning services that we offer are:

  • clearing of leaf debris from around skylights
  • cleaning and washing the glass surface of skylights
  • clearing of debris from plastic roofing (this helps to let more light through)

See our suburbs page for a full list of areas covered. Call us today for Solar Panel Cleaning on 1300 472 976

solar panels cleaner
Accessing your roof solar panels is made easy with our specialist equipment

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