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  • Gutter Cleaning and Downpipes

    We often explain to our gutter cleaning customers that one of the biggest causes of roof gutter blockage and overflow is the lack of downpipes. During a big storm there can be hundreds of litres per minute coming off the roof into the gutters. Many houses do not have enough downpipes to drain this water […]

  • How to Test your Gutters for Water Flow

    The only way to fully test guttering for correct water flow is to flush the gutters with water. First remove all the loose debris (we do this with gutter cleaning hand tools). Once the gutters and downpipe entrances are clear of dirt and leaves you can conduct a water test. With a hose fill the […]

  • Cleaning Blocked Roof Valleys

    Cleaning Blocked Roof Valleys included in Gutter Clean

    Our gutter cleaning service includes clearing all roof valleys, it also includes cleaning all roof channels, roof sumps and downpipes. If your house is surrounded by tall gum trees you may know the frustration of seeing thousands of leaves and tree debris covering your valleys. The presence of this debris on your roof can cause major […]

  • Leaf Diverters

    Leaf Diverters and Gutter Cleaning

    Our professional gutter cleaners also clean out your leaf diverters! Find out more in this article. Cleaning and unblocking of leaf diverters is one of the many important aspects of a quality gutter cleaning service. Leaf diverters are normally installed as part of the filtering system of rainwater tanks. Many people will have the roof gutters […]