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  • Possums can block your gutters

      Many Melbournians have been awoken late at night by the sound of those pesky possums on our roofs and in our gutters, all gutter cleaners know that possums can even cause gutter blockage? However, compared to the damage done by constant Gum Tree leaf debris, possums are only a pitter patter on the roof, gum […]

  • Clean gutters make your home look tended to and kept. It's good for all round security!

    Clean Gutters are good for Home Security

    Did you know that clean gutters can help with your building’s overall security against break ins and burglary? Yes it’s true! Neighbourhood watch and Police have recommended for decades, that keeping your home and gardens appearance maintained neatly will give your property a more secure and “kept” look. Common advice includes, bringing your bins in […]

  • A mitred valley in Melbourne, Australia

    What is a Mitred Valley?

    The above photo is what roof tilers call a “mitred valley.” Some Melbourne roof tilers used to use this method for tiled valleys, it is becoming less common and is NOT recommended. Underneath the tiles, the valley metal sheeting is completely covered, blockages will form under the tiles, this will restrict water-flow. This is a major problem just […]

  • Gutter Cleaner & Tree Pruning

    Overhanging tree branches cause blocked gutters

    When inspecting buildings for gutter cleaning we always advice our customers whether any overhanging tree branches need pruning. Any weeds or small tree roots can also cleared away from the gutters. With your permission we will cut back these branches as we work around the roof edge. We recommend keeping all trees pruned approximately one metre […]

  • Long ladder window cleaning in melbourne

    Window Cleaning out of Reach

    It’s always interesting to see the different challenges faced by our dedicated cleaners. Grayson’s Gutter Cleaners cooperatively work together on every job, in many cases a second Grayson’s vehicle will attend the scene within one hour to provide assistance with extra equipment and more hands on deck! The high up window in the picture is […]