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  • Gutter Cleaning Mornington Peninsula

    We regularly clean gutters and install our gutter guard on the Mornington Peninsula. From the very tip of the peninsula at Portsea and Sorrento, to the suburb of Mornington itself, our gutter cleaners are ready to work on your roof now. Our gutter cleaner and gutter protection service covers the Mornington Peninsula suburbs of:- Portsea, […]

  • Ski Slope Style Gutter Guard Installation

    Ski slope style gutter guards undoubtedly provide you with the highest level of gutter protection possible. See our main gutter guard page for more information on our “easy to remove system.” Which ever system you choose we only use the highest quality mesh available. Find out more about Triple-G mesh by clicking here. Grayson’s Gutter […]

  • Flushing out Gutter Guards – Patch, Repair and Cleaning

    At a house in Kew, Melbourne, we recently serviced a permanent gutter protection system. As usual our staff went to great lengths to ensure the job was done to the highest standards reasonably possible. After carefully reattaching the gutter guard mesh they even patched up a small tear with matching high grade materials. See our recent […]

  • Repair of Old Gutter Guards – Saddles to Corrugated Metal

    We are able to clean and repair old gutter guards of various types. Many houses in Melbourne have old ‘ski slope’ style gutter protection that dates back to the late 1990s and even the early 1990s. Some of these 90s gutter meshes may be beyond repair, but if you still have your angle trims in […]

  • Faulty Rainhead causes backflow roof leak

    Rainheads are an important design feature for buildings where internal box or trough gutters are used. A rainhead or sump is a metal or plastic container located between the gutter and downpipe that aids the flow of water away from the roof. Recently at a house in Camberwell, Melbourne, our gutter cleaners discovered the cause of another […]

  • Faulty Downpipe causes Roof to Leak

    The building in these photos is a roof in Blackburn South, Melbourne. The owner of this house had us clean the gutters because they were blocked, there is a large gumtree towering over the property from the neighbour’s side. Due to the leaf fall from the large gumtree, almost every downpipe was blocked. Once our […]

  • Our staff Water flushing of Gutters and Downpipes

    Water flushing of Gutters and Downpipes

    A simple garden hose is one of the many useful gutter cleaning tools. We use a variety of different methods. Most of the debris in your gutters and downpipes will be removed using hand tools. Some of the tools we use are buckets, small gutter rakes, brushes, brooms and rubber gloves. We’ve been cleaning gutters […]

  • Gutter Guard Prices, Leaf Protection Systems

    The prices for gutter guard vary between properties. There are many factors involved in pricing a gutter guard installation, but length of gutters in linear metres is the main factor. Most houses have less than 80 metres of guttering. Once our professional gutter cleaners arrive at your property we will measure the length of your […]

  • Broken tiles on my old roof, what to do can the gutters be cleaned?

    An understandable concern for home owners is the integrity of their roof tiles. This is particularly true for owners of older homes. Old terracotta tiles are always the most brittle roof tile type.  Modern concrete roof tiles are generally less breakable, but some varieties of old concrete roof tiles were made using inferior material mixes […]

  • Window Cleaning on a commercial building in Kew East, Melbourne

    The photos are a window cleaning job that we recently did on a commercial building in Kew East, Melbourne. Grayson’s originally started as a “window cleaning only” service. We soon realised that many of our customers would be just as interested in gutter cleaning. For window or gutter cleaning services, call our office on (03) 9899 […]