Bird Control

  • Our Bird Control service includes:

    • Blocking the entry points of pest birds in roofing
    • Removal of nesting debris from roofing
    • Cleaning up of bird fouling
    • Installation and supply of bird spikes
    • Inspection of buildings to determine the best solutions to pest bird problems

    Pest Birds in Australia

    Pigeons, Indian Mynas and Starlings
    The most common pest bird species that create problems in roofing in Melbourne are Rock Pigeons, Indian Mynas and Starlings. If given the opportunity they will enter your roof via any hole large enough and build their nest. After more than a decade of experience in gutter cleaning we have become experts at identifying the entry points of these birds.
    Indian Myna nest in a roof

    The above photo is an Indian Myna nest with eggs that we found in a roof

    Bird Mites
    One pest bird can carry thousands of bird mites; bird mites will cause severe irritation to the skin and can enter your home through wall cavities. Our bird control service will stop these pest birds from entering your roof.

    Bird Spikes
    Bird spikes will stop pest birds from perching on ledges. We can install or supply bird spikes for DIY

    Installing bird spikes

    If birds are a problem at your property, or if you would like to bird proof your roof, call Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning on (03) 9899 5886

  •  Our bird control service specializes in eradicating pest birds from roofing.