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Bird Control & Bird Proofing

Bird Control, Bird Proofing & Bird Spikes

Pest birds in Australia can cause expensive building and property damage. If birds are a problem at your property, or if you would like to bird proof your roof, Grayson’s expert team can help.

We can inspect buildings and block the entry points of pest birds, we supply/install bird spikes and gutter protection. We clean up any bird debris or fouling.

Find out more below, or contact us now for more information!

Indian Myna nest in a roof
An Indian Myna nest we discovered in a roof cavity

Common Pest Birds

Unlike native birds that will only nest in the trees, introduced bird species will land and roost wherever they can find a resting place on a building, including on roofs, antennae, ledges, gutters and downpipes, awnings, and chimneys.

Melbourne’s most common pest birds are pigeons, mynas, and starlings.

These invasive birds often find their way into roof cavities through the gutters, gaps in tiles, roof valleys and holes in walls. They are tenacious, so they will find their way in even through the narrowest of entry points.

Once inside, they make nests under tiles and in the eaves and create a big mess of things in the process. After many years of experience in gutter cleaning, we have become experts at identifying the entry points of these birds.

The Risks of Pest Bird Infestation

Some birds like the Indian Myna (Acridotheres tristis) will bring with them massive amounts of trash while constructing a nest, while others have acidic droppings that can cause physical damage to the roof and risk transferring diseases like histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis to humans.

The nests themselves often clog gutters, leading to overflows and in the summer they are a fire hazard. Potentially worst of all are the mites and lice that some birds carry. These parasites can migrate into the home through cavities in the walls, and risk infecting you, your family, and your pets. They are very hard to get rid of, and their bites lead to skin irritation that is worse than that of fleas.

You’re unlikely to notice a bird infestation until it’s too late. Most people only realise their roof has been infested once the eggs hatch and the chicks begin to chirp. Unfortunately, by then the damage is done. So it’s best to save yourself the hassle and cost by proofing your roof against these pest birds!

Installing bird spikes on roof antenna
Attaching bird spikes to an antenna to prevent birds from landing
Bird spike installation on a ledge
Grayson’s installing bird spikes on a ledge where pigeons were roosting, the ledge has already been thoroughly cleaned to remove all bird droppings.

Our Bird Proofing Services

At Grayson’s, we offer a variety of comprehensive bird proofing methods, as well as bird-related debris cleanup. Whether your roof has already been colonised by pest birds or you’d like to prevent damage, we can help.

Our Bird Control service includes:

  • Inspection of buildings to determine the best solutions to existing pest bird problems
  • Advice and written reports on building construction systems, materials, and techniques that will help pest bird proof your property
  • Location and blocking of potential bird entry points
  • Installation and Retail Supply of bird spikes (including for DIY)
  • Gutter protection installation to block entry points
  • Removal of nesting debris from your roof
  • Cleanup of bird fouling

Choose Grayson’s for Bird Control

With Grayson’s you know you’re in good hands. We’re the most trusted gutter cleaning and protection company in the Melbourne area, and we have been offering bird control services for over 18 years.

Our expert staff are trained to identify potential pest bird entryways and know how to block them, and can help bird proof your home to prevent birds from roosting and nesting.

Contact us below for an initial consultation or call us on 1300 472 976, and we’ll recommend the most appropriate bird proofing solution for your location and roof-style.

Installing gutter mesh to block bird entry points
For a thorough bird proofing solution, we recommend installing gutter protection to completely block entry points

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