What are the Alternatives to Leaf Guard & Gutter Protection?

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Consider the Alternatives to Leaf Guard and Gutter Protection
The good wife encouraging her husband to get off the roof and consider the alternatives to DIY Leaf Guard and Gutter Protection

What are the Alternatives to Leaf Guard & Gutter Protection?

If you live in a home with a roof (as most of us do), there’s no doubt you’re familiar with gutter maintenance in one form or another. Whether your gutters are well-protected, clean, and clear year-round or they stay out of sight and out of mind until they’re overflowing water like a mini Niagara Falls, this article is likely going to be of interest to you.

Our team of expert gutter technicians here at Grayson’s have put our heads together to write this piece about the different alternatives to leaf guards and gutter protection. While we’re incredibly proud of our range of gutter guards, we’re just as happy to roll up our sleeves and clean your gutters, ensuring they stay free-flowing all year round.

So, let’s check out a few clever solutions to keep those gutters working as best they can without the need for leaf guard installation…

Old church roof with high pitch
Old church roofs have way more downpipes and a much steeper pitch. The extra downpipes equate to better water flow and the steep pitch means less leaves land in the gutter… This often means that additional gutter protection is not required and the gutters seldom block up anyway.

Large-scale alternatives to gutter guard

Build roofs on a higher pitch

Before we dive into some of the easier-to-achieve alternatives, let’s talk about the ultimate in low-maintenance roofing. Picture this: a roof with no valleys, at least one downpipe for every five metres of gutter, increased fall on each downpipe, easy-access leaf diverters, and quad gutters with no internal brackets. This is the kind of roof design that makes doing a gutter’s day job an absolute breeze!

A good example of this kind of design is old church buildings with their steep roofs and strategically placed downpipes. If we all took a ‘leaf’ (pun intended) out of their books, gutter guards would be a thing of the past.

Add extra downpipes and other gutter solutions

For new builds or major renovations, opting for the installation of extra downpipes could be a great option for some. Additional downpipes and more fall on each downpipe can help ensure water moves quickly and efficiently. In conjunction with easy-access leaf diverters for simple maintenance and quad gutters without internal brackets to reduce the chances of debris getting stuck, this solution could work well.

What are the downsides of this? Well, most modern homes simply aren’t built this way and doing a full roof transformation or adding extra downpipes to a new build can get incredibly expensive. Aside from that, let’s face it, your home isn’t going to win any design awards with a cage of downpipes around it. But if you’re more into functionality over aesthetics and have some cash to burn, adding extra downpipes means less chance of water pooling and debris clogging up your gutters.

We realise that these large-scale alternatives may not suit all budgets or aesthetic preferences, so here are a few smaller and easier alternatives you can look into instead…

Grayson's staff on a roof cutting a custom downpipe strainer
As an alternative to leaf guard installation, we sometimes make downpipe strainers onsite to fit specific drains.

Small-scale alternatives to gutter guard

Downpipe strainers

For homeowners who don’t want to invest in gutter guards, downpipe strainers may be the unsung heroes of downpipe maintenance. These little guys fit snugly into the top of your downpipes, catching leaves and debris before they can cause any trouble below.

They’re generally low-cost, easy to install, and can save you from annoying clogs in the actual downpipe. Cleaning them is a breeze; just pop them out, give them a quick rinse, and pop them back in. They are a simple, effective solution, but depending on how leafy your area is and what the weather conditions are like, you may find the cleaning process becomes an annoyingly frequent chore. Also note that downpipe strainers are not suited for those who don’t wish to be doing regular checks of the gutters. If downpipe strainers are left unattended in very leafy areas, they will rapidly block up themselves.

Cutting up branches that were obstructing the gutters
Keeping tree branches cut away from your roof edges is crucial to gutter maintenance. Being disciplined about this saves you tons of issues down the line. In the photo you can see a Grayson’s Gutter Cleaner cutting up branches that were obstructing the gutters, this is so they will fit into our green waste bins easier.

Trim surrounding trees

We all love a bit of greenery, but sometimes those beautiful trees can be more trouble than they’re worth, especially when their leaves start filling up gutters at an alarming rate. One effective way to reduce gutter maintenance is to cut back nuisance trees.

Now, we’re not suggesting you channel your inner lumberjack and chop down every tree in sight. Even a little bit of strategic pruning can make a world of difference. By keeping branches away from your roof, you can help reduce the amount of debris that ends up in your gutters – simple!

How do I know which alternative to gutter guard is best for my home?

That’s where we come in. We’re experts in all things gutters. Whether you need a good old-fashioned gutter cleaning, advice on the best downpipe strainers, or decide to invest in a full gutter guard installation, we’ve got you covered.

Our friendly, professional team of gutter technicians will not only ensure your gutters are in tip-top shape, but they’re also happy to provide advice surrounding alternatives to gutter guard, helping you avoid the hassle of clogs and water damage. So, why stress about your gutters when you can leave it to the experts? Give us a call at 1300 GRAYSONS (1300 472 976), and we’ll help however we can.

There you have it – some top-notch alternatives to leaf guards and gutter protection. Whether you’re adding extra downpipes, popping in some downpipe strainers, trimming back nearby trees, or considering a full roof redesign and overhaul, there are plenty of ways to keep your gutters flowing smoothly.
Remember, your gutters don’t have to be a source of stress. With a little help from our team at Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your gutters are clean and clear and your home is protected from water damage.

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