Cobweb Removal
Spider droppings can actually damage the painted surfaces of your home. Spider droppings are a particular problem for windowsills. Look closely at your windowsills. The edge corners of your windowsills may have little black and white specks, particularly on the outside. These marks are spider droppings. Spider droppings around your home look like miniature bird...
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A massive hail storm hit Melbourne on the 6th of March 2010. The falling hail knocked so many leaves off trees that it seemed like Autumn was all in one day. The fall of autumn came early simply due to this storm. People across the city reported seeing hailstones bigger than tennis balls during the...
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Blackburn is a leafy area with a particularly large amount of very tall gum trees and bushy parklands, which means there are always many leaves flying about.  The falling leaves from a tall gum tree can fly more than a kilometre away during extreme wind so just because you don’t have trees on your block doesn’t necessarily mean...
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