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Blackburn is a leafy area with a particularly large amount of very tall gum trees and bushy parklands, which means there are always many leaves flying about.  The falling leaves from a tall gum tree can fly more than a kilometre away during extreme wind so just because you don’t have trees on your block doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll never need gutter cleaning. The local Blackburn Lake Sanctuary has long been one of the most treed areas of Melbourne. Every year we clean hundreds of metres of guttering in Blackburn and particularly the old Bellbird area.

When trees are a problem around these Blackburn houses and in any other suburb nearby, we also cut back overhanging branches from the roof edge as we clear the gutters.  Cutting back tree branches from the roof edge can dramatically reduce the need for gutter cleaning in future.

Gutter protection  may also be a good solution to gutter blockage, we’ve installed gutter protection in Blackburn for many years. For more information, call our office today!

Gutter Cleaning in Blackburn
Gutter Cleaning Blackburn



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