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Here is a list of some of the many different things that Grayson’s has found in our customers roof gutters and drainpipes while we perform gutter cleaning.

Leaves, twigs, dirt, weeds, acorns, berries and nuts, earthworms, plastic rubbish, bones, dead birds, a dead rat, a possum, tennis balls, golf balls, ant nests, bird nests, spider nests, children’s toys, nails, screws, bolts, wire, plastic and glass bottles, cans of soft drink, a hub cap, a stink pipe cover, cigarette butts and packets, spent fireworks, stones, cement, concrete, silicone, broken tiles, builders waste, antenna and electrical parts, tradesmen’s tools, newspapers, clothing, cutlery, electrical tape, bird droppings, possum droppings, broomsticks, pieces of wood…

the list goes on…

Children's toy found in gutter
Children’s toy found in gutter

With the problem of all this rubbish in the gutters you would begin to search for a solution.

Bat found in a gutter
The skeleton and skull of a Bat found in a roof gutter in Kew
3 Responses
  1. Terry Jones

    That’s enough to make you sick. We live in Hawthorn and the paper delivery people often overthrow the newspapers in the morning and they end up on our roof and in our gutter.

  2. Peter Leach sick of...

    My kids like to hit the tennis balls for six on to our roof and they end up in the gutter. We end up cleaning them often.

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