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  • Clean your gutters to avoid costly restumping

    Clean Your Gutters to Avoid Costly Restumping

    Gutter cleaning is one of those chores that is quite easy to forget about or put off for another season… until it’s too late, that is. If your gutters and downpipes are clogged, heavy or prolonged rainfall can seriously damage your home to an extent that it may require extremely expensive repairs.

  • Worst Gutter Blockage of the Year 2019

    Worst Gutter Blockage of the Year 2019

    The “Gutters are Cactus”… In our years of cleaning gutters we have seen a very wide range of bizarre clogs, including screws, bones, bottles, toys, and lots more. However, recently we found a truly baffling gutter clog the likes of which we had certainly never seen before. Next time a gutter cleaning customer calls to […]

  • Different Types of Gutters in Australia

    Different Types of Gutters in Australia

    What Are the Different Gutter Types in Australia? This post is specifically about gutter profiles, which refers to the various ways that gutter systems are installed on the roof.  There are three main types of gutters used in Australia: fascia gutters, concealed gutters, and box gutters. Each one of these gutters has its own benefits […]

  • Hauling Rubbish Offsite

    Transport, Removal, Towing & Hauling Of Rubbish

    At Grayson’s we believe that our job is not done if your roof and garden are not left cleaner than how we found them. That is why we offer to cart your unwanted rubbish offsite as an add-on service to your gutter cleaning. It is quite amazing to see the sheer amount of garbage that […]

  • Garden Care

    Grayson’s Garden Care

    At Grayson’s, our staff go above and beyond by taking into account any potential horticulture issues that you could experience in the future. There are a variety of ways in which caring for your garden ties into the various services we offer, including gutter cleaning, gutter protection installation, and bird control!