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At Grayson’s we believe that our job is not done if your roof and garden are not left cleaner than how we found them. That is why we offer to cart your unwanted rubbish offsite as an add-on service to your gutter cleaning. It is quite amazing to see the sheer amount of garbage that we find on roofs!

Ute Loaded with Green Waste for Transport
A Grayson’s ute loaded with green waste ready to be hauled off-site

The debris that we haul away most frequently is, of course, tree branches and leaves. The amount of debris that we clear out from regularly maintained roofs during gutter cleaning can be added to a compost bin or your green waste bin for curb-side collection. But with unmaintained gutters, we usually find a larger amount of build up and usually we must trim a large amount of overhanging branches to protect your roof and gutters. In addition to that, we also frequently find some incredibly unusual stuff on roofs.

Because many roofs in Melbourne have big enclosed channels, rubbish can remain unseen — homeowners are often surprised to learn about the things we find during the gutter cleaning service! Sheets of insulation material, pieces of asbestos, stacks of cracked tiles, nails and screws, and lengths of structural timber are some of the construction items we find on top of roofs. Much of this rubbish is left behind during constructions and renovations.

When there have been pest birds like Indian Mynas nesting in the roof, the rubbish we remove from gutters and roof cavities will include random bits of plastic and other man-made scraps that have been collected by the bird to build the nest. We’ve also found pieces of bones and rodent carcasses that the birds have been feeding on. This waste is not suitable for disposal in a green waste bin, so we can cart it off site in a transport vehicle.

Myna nest rubbish
Rubbish from a myna bird’s nest that we removed from a roof

We’ve even found some wackier items while up on roofs, like furniture, discarded gardening equipment, and old stereos, as well as party leftovers like spent fireworks and empty bottles. You can check out a full list of the weirdest building debris and other items we’ve found.

No matter how large or odd, we are happy to clear this trash from your roof and to transport it away from your premises. One ute-load may be sufficient to remove all this waste, but if there are high amounts of debris in your roof or garden then we’ll be happy to load up multiple times and tow the roof rubbish away on a large trailer. You can let us know in advance if you think you will need a large load of rubbish carted away! Rubbish removal from your site will normally incur an additional fee on top of the gutter cleaning price.

Gutter Waste Removal
A garbage bag full of litter, including plastic from nesting birds, found on a roof

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