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How Grayson’s Care For Your Garden

At Grayson’s, our staff go above and beyond by taking into account any potential horticulture issues that you could experience in the future. There are a variety of ways in which caring for your garden ties into the various services we offer, including gutter cleaning, gutter protection installation, and bird control!

During our gutter cleaning service and after consulting with our clients, we regularly find ourselves making modifications to gardens. Tree pruning, for example, is a key part of our process as it is an important roof maintenance issue. Overgrown trees with branches that hover over or touch the roof might shed leaves that will clog up your gutters and interfere with their functioning. This saves homeowners money by ensuring that they won’t need to clean their gutters again for a long time. These tree branches can also damage both your roof and the gutters themselves should they get too heavy or fall during a storm. Because of this, lopping away any branches that are overhanging or in contact with your roof is a crucial part of our service.

Caring for your garden
We can prune and chop back overhanging branches to prevent debris from ever reaching your gutters.

Because of the extra care we provide to clear overhanging branches, as well as during regular parts of gutter cleaning and gutter protection installation services, leaf and tree branches will often fall off the roof. Cleaning your garden of that debris is something we see as an essential part of our service. We take great pride in the fact that our customers’ gardens often look much better after we have serviced their gutters.

Garden care also ties into our bird proofing services, which focus on eradicating introduced pest species from your building. Over the many years of offering this service we have come to learn nearly everything there is to know about the various pest birds that plague Melbourne. A lot goes into keeping pest birds away, and it is important to us to pass that knowledge along to you. That’s why, when inspecting your property, we take care to identify the ways in which your current garden layout may be worsening the problem. In order to ensure that pest birds do not return to nest in your roof down the line, we will make specific recommendations as to how you can amend your garden.

Green Waste Removal

In addition to the clean up that is a regular part of our services, we also offer additional clearing services – just let us know that you’re interested! We will happily remove and transport away from your property all kinds of unwanted garden green waste like leaf and tree debris. Please note that we do charge extra for the removal of very large amounts of tree debris.

Large amounts of green waste can be removed from your property for an extra charge.

With Grayson’s attending to your property, you can rest assured that your beautiful garden is in expert hands.

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