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Pile of screws
We have found thousands of screws in gutters since 2001. Piles of screws found blocking gutters.

A common question online is “What screws to use for guttering?” But what if you looked inside your gutters and found a pile of screws already resting there? Sounds convenient, no its not, this could block your gutters and that pile of screws may have been mistakenly left by a previous owner of the building or by a roof worker. While cleaning gutters, it’s quite common to find odd pieces of metal and even discarded screws.

Previous renovations and installations that have occurred on your roof are the cause of this build up of building waste. The installation of add-on features like antennas, solar panels and whirlybirds involve the use of screws and fixing rivets. Any loose objects left laying on the roof will slide downwards into the gutters and even into your downpipes, sumps and rainheads.

If you are having any roof work done, ask the tradespeople at your house to “please don’t leave any rubbish on the roof.” This sounds simple and obvious, but if they’ve never been told this they may not have ever stopped to consider the consequences.

Top quality gutter protection can stop screws
Our top quality gutter protection can totally stop screws and most other unwanted rubbish from entering your gutters again.

If you do ask us to clean your gutters, Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning will remove annoying rubbish like loose screws, and anything else that shouldn’t be there. It is extremely important to remove loose pieces of builder’s rubbish from your roof, if they wash down the drains they could remain stuck there for many decades. Gutter metals such as copper and BlueScope steel might never corrode and could even remain in the underground drains for hundreds of years.

It is quite amazing some of the unpredictable objects we’ve found while cleaning gutters. If requested we also offer rubbish removal & transportation from the site. Regular gutter cleaning waste is normally placed discreetly on gardens or inside a compost bin.

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