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Staff loading gutter rubbish

Our gutter cleaning service also includes clearing the roof of leaf debris and cutting back overhanging tree branches that are within reach. This comprehensive system can result in a very large pile of rubbish at ground level. We gladly tidy this up and depending on your requests we will place it on your compost bins or gardens.

Our regular price for gutter cleaning does not include removal of rubbish from your property. But for an additional fee we will remove it. To give you an idea of how much we can transport in one load the  featured image shows one of our staff loading up our rubbish removal vehicle. See our article on things we find in gutters.

overloaded car

We would like to be able to load up and remove all of your gutter waste free of charge, but unfortunately the disposal of this muck is not always simple. Please call now for our gutter cleaning Melbourne service 1300 472 976

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