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  • Daddy Long Legs spider webs attract other pests

    Daddy Long Legs Spiders (Pholcus phalangioides) are very common in Melbourne.  While they may seem harmless enough, their webs can attract a whole host of problems. As part of our window cleaning service, Grayson’s will remove this annoying mesh from your eaves and exterior surfaces. The Daddy Long Legs has a tendency to build its […]

  • Gutter Cleaning Malvern East

    The Stonington suburb Malvern East is an example of a suburb with a very high percentage of large double storey houses, many of them on steep sloping blocks, which can create an almost three to four storey height roof gutter.  Gutter cleaning on double storey (or higher) houses is our specialty and our gutter cleaners […]

  • Gutter Cleaning – Knot Tying for Anchor Points

    Gutter Cleaning – Knot Tying A video demonstrating some very simple knots that we use for tying on to harnesses and anchor points while we perform gutter cleaning. Video Transcript Overhand Loop Today I want to show you two knots that we use to tie our ropes to our anchor points. First I’ll show you […]

  • Installation of a temporary anchor point for gutter cleaning

    Gutter Cleaning Safety A video demonstrating installation of a T-Bar roof anchor for metal roofing. Video Transcript: Hello, I’m Grayson, a gutter cleaner from Melbourne in Australia. In this video, I’ll demonstrate how to properly anchor to a flat metal roof, using a piece of safety equipment known as a T-Bar. Now I’m on the […]

  • Emergency Roof Repair

    When a roof tile is broken it is sometimes necessary to repair it with silicone as there are not always any spare tiles when you need them. Here we demonstrate the correct method for fixing a broken roof tile if you are using roof silicone. We make the point that filling the watercourse on both […]