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Builders rubbish will block your roof gutters. During constructions and renovations the gutters can accumulate building debris. Building debris that we regularly find while cleaning the gutters are roofing nails and screws, small broken off pieces of roof tiles, electrical cables and tape from antennas, broken glass, small off cuts of metal sheeting, insulation, cement, concrete and pieces of wood. In some instances we even find tradesmen’s tools left behind that are contributing to gutter blockage.

Our gutter cleaning service includes removing this rubbish from the roof. We often come across roofs that are more than 30 to 40 years old where some of the original construction debris from the 1980s and 1970s is still resting on the roof. This 30 to 40 year old rubbish is more commonly found on flat roofs that are double storey or higher, these higher flat roofs are cleaned less often and over the decades other cleaners have neglected to check the entire roof and just clear the gutter itself.

While cleaning the gutter we also like to sweep the entire flat roof wherever possible, because eventually this building debris can flow into the gutters, down the downpipes and create blockages underground.

If you believe that building debris could be causing problems for your roof, book our gutter cleaning service now on 1300 472 976

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