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Indian Minor Removal There are numerous species of introduced pest birds in Melbourne that contribute to gutter blockage. The three main species are Indian Myna, Pigeons and Starlings. Native birds are less of a problem for roof gutters because native birds like to live in native trees. However introduced pest birds like Pigeons, Indian Mynas and Starlings will enter your roof via any hole large enough to make their nests.

While cleaning the gutters we regularly find pest bird entry points. These pest birds bring large quantities of rubbish into the roof space as they build their nests, some of this debris will land in the gutter. The Indian Myna is known to be the worst pest bird for residential roofing; they will often make around 4 different nests and only lay eggs in one. When the Myna chicks are born it can be an annoying time for homeowners, the young birds will begin chirping very early every morning. The build up of nesting debris in your roof is also a fire hazard.

Indian Myna nest with 4 eggs
Indian Myna nest with 4 eggs

Some of our services are:

  • Removing the nesting debris from the roof
  • Installing gutter guards to block entry points
  • Blocking the entry points of pest birds, reducing the need for ongoing gutter cleaning
  • Cleaning of bird fouling from walls and ledges
Myna nest with two chicks
Myna nest and 2 chicks found in a roof in Kew, Melbourne

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