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  • How to Keep Birds from Building Nests in Gutters

    We are often asked the question, “how do we keep birds from building nests in our gutters.”  Pest birds like Indian Mynas and Starlings will hop into the floor of your roof guttering, then they squeeze their way under small gaps under your bottom row of tiles and metal sheeting. These pest birds will build […]

  • Springtime Gutter Cleaning

    Spring is here and we are cleaning gutters across Melbourne! With each of the four seasons there will be different leaf and tree debris falling onto your roof. Autumn usually involves the greatest volume of leaf fall for inner city Melbourne. If you’re on the outskirts of the city you may be surrounded by native […]

  • One of our staff repairing an old metal gutter guard.

    Leaf Guard Service and Repairs – Fixing Gutter Protection

    Leaf Guard Repair The featured image is one of our staff repairing and cleaning a permanently attached leaf guard in Surrey Hills in Melbourne. There are about 100 different self taping screws holding the mesh to the gutter edge. Over time the mesh can break away at the point where it meets the screwed edge, we had […]

  • Exterior Cleaning of Gutter and Fascia

    The external surface of your gutters will eventually become dirty and stained. This is particularly true with the more common gutter profiles such as quad guttering. During storms there will be some dripping down from the underside of guttering onto the fascia boards. This can lead to an unsightly mess, blocked gutters with weeds growing […]

  • The 8 most common roof types for gutter cleaning

    The most common roof surfaces that our gutter cleaners service are as follows. We have placed the 8 different roof types in order from most common to least common. Terracotta tile Concrete tile Corrugated metal Cliplock metal Slate tile Corrugated plastic Terracotta shingle Asbestos sheet For every roof surface type there are multiple variations. For […]