The 8 most common roof types for gutter cleaning

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Sweeping the roof valleys while Gutter Cleaning
Sweeping the valleys on a metal cliplock roof

The most common roof surfaces that our gutter cleaners service are as follows. We have placed the 8 different roof types in order from most common to least common.

  1. Terracotta tile
  2. Concrete tile
  3. Corrugated metal
  4. Cliplock metal
  5. Slate tile
  6. Corrugated plastic
  7. Terracotta shingle
  8. Asbestos sheet

For every roof surface type there are multiple variations. For example, with terracotta tiled roofs there are about ten different styles found in Melbourne; glazed terracotta roofs can be quite slippery.

Gutter Guard installed on a slate roof
Our Triple-G™ gutter protection on an old slate roof that’s covered in lichen.

Slate tiles come in about 3 different thicknesses. The thickest slate tiles can be up to 8mm and are much stronger, some of Melbourne’s oldest roofs are made of slate. We are highly experienced with slate roofing. Our gutter covers can be fitted to any of the 8 roof types that we’ve listed, we always thoroughly clean your gutters before installation. If you wish to speak to us regarding advice on various roof types please call us today!

For more information, call Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning on: 1300 472 976.

Pigeon control
Installing a pigeon-proof barrier in the box gutter of an old asbestos roof.

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