Can Gutter Cleaners Clean Out My Driveway Pits?

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Can Gutter Cleaners clean out my Driveway Pits
If requested and for an additional fee, our Gutter Cleaners can clean out your driveway pits.

Can Gutter Cleaners Clean Out My Driveway Pits?

Driveway pits (aka stormwater pits, grate drains or channel drains) play a crucial role in managing rainwater and keeping drainage systems in top working condition. They are the grated drains typically installed along the edges of driveways, patios, or walkways to collect water and direct it away from the home, garage or footpath. Over time, these pits can accumulate debris (much like gutters), which can really impact their functionality.

So, in this article, we’re explaining how to clean a driveway pit, the benefits of keeping them clean, whether gutter cleaning services include pit cleaning, and whether installing gutter guard in driveway pits can offer extra value and protection.

How to clean a driveway pit

Just like a roof guttering system, driveway pits should be cleared and maintained regularly to keep water flowing freely and avoid potential damage. These are the steps we take to ensure a driveway pit is properly cleaned:

Grille removed from driveway pits
Step one is removing the covers so you can get your cleaning tools inside the pit.

1. Take the grille off

The first step is to remove the metal grate (the grille) covering the pit. This can usually be done by prying or unscrewing and then by lifting it off. The grille may have sharp edges, so we wear gloves to handle them with care. Thick, protective gloves are definitely our friends in the driveway pit cleaning process.

Drain pit open and clear of obstructive muck
This pit is now fully clear of muck and we’re now conducting the final flush test!

2. Thoroughly clean out debris

With the grate removed, we use specialised tools to clear out any leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris that have accumulated in the pit.

Quick inspection of the pit drainage pipe
Quick inspection of the pit drainage pipe after water flushing is well under way.

3. Hose out any remaining debris.

After removing the bulk of the debris, we use a hose to wash away any remaining dirt and grime, as well as to check that the water now flows freely through the pit.

4. Replace the grille

Once the pit is clean and free from debris, we then securely replace the metal grille back over the pit, we make sure it fits properly and is tightly fastened to prevent it from moving around or coming loose during heavy rain. To ensure the grille is fully clamped downwards, we walk along it and gently stamp our feet down if necessary. Don’t worry, these grilles are designed to be walked over.

Benefits of cleaning out driveway pits

Driveway pits are often neglected but they offer huge benefits in the overall efficiency of the entire drainage system of a property including:

  • Improved drainage system: A clean driveway pit allows rainwater to flow freely into the pit and through the downpipes bottom, reducing the risk of blockages and overflow during heavy rains.
  • Prevents water damage: If the pit is not cleared regularly, it can lead to overflow and flooding around the garage area, potentially damaging valuable items in storage and causing structural issues.
  • Enhanced downpipe functionality: Some downpipes empty onto the ground rather than underground. A clean driveway pit ensures smooth water flow, preventing waterlogging and directing the water away from the property’s foundation.

Will a gutter cleaning service clean my driveway pit?

While cleaning the driveway pit is not typically included as a standard gutter cleaning service here at Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning, our team will gladly provide this additional service upon request. It may involve an extra cost, but the benefits of having a clean driveway pit certainly outweigh the upfront costs and can even save you having to pay for expensive repairs or item replacement in future.

Leaf guard installed before replacing the grille
Before putting the grille back down we can install a leaf guard. Note* Only available on special request.

Can I have Leaf Guard installed in my driveway pit?

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend it. Installing leaf guard in your driveway pit offers an extra layer of protection against small debris buildup and blockages. Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning offers quality gutter guard solutions that fit neatly under the metal grille, ensuring a convenient solution that doesn’t affect the visual appeal of the property.

So, we know that a clean and clear driveway pit is super important when it comes to maintaining an efficient drainage system and preventing water damage. Next time you call us to make a booking for a roof gutter clean, let us know if you’d like us to tackle your driveway pit as well. You can also ask us whether we have a gutter guard solution for your driveway pit as an additional layer of protection.

Don’t let clogged drains cause a headache for future you – take action now and save on time, stress and costly repairs down the track.

Contact the Grayson’s team on 1300 GRAYSONS (1300 472 976) or visit our Contact page to request a quote for your Melbourne gutter cleaning today!

Blocked driveway pit with weeds
If your driveway pits look like this, call us today. For a small additional fee, we can unblock your driveway pits during a gutter clean.


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