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Gutter cleaning autumn time
Gutter cleaning on a Melbourne train line

Make sure you clean your gutters this autumn. The thousands of imported deciduous trees of inner city Melbourne are now bombarding us with leaf fall. If they haven’t started and finished shedding now, they will soon. This is the time of year when gutter cleaning is most important. Once the cold of winter comes, blocked gutters can stay stagnant for months. The abundant leaf fall can render your entire roof covered with leaves, twigs and branches.

Clean your gutters this autumn
We go to great lengths to service every section of your roof. Two of our staff had to place a ladder onto the roof and use a extendable gutter broom to access part of this roof in Malvern.

We pay very close attention to related problems like your blocked downpipes and valleys. We can cut back trees that are too close to your roof, this is important for the longevity of your roof and also restricts possum access. We also install top quality gutter protection. Gutter cleaning is always included as part of our gutter protection installations.

Train station gutter cleaning
Cleaning gutters on an old train station roof in early winter, note the deciduous tree in the background with no leaves. South Melbourne

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