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cleaning roof valleys in Vermont, Melbourne

The valleys of your roof are a valuable part of the guttering and plumbing system. During a big storm your roof valleys can channel thousands of litres of water down to your gutters. Cleaning of adjoining roof valleys is included in every gutter cleaning job that we do. In areas with dense gum trees, valleys will become completely filled with leaf debris. Sweeping valleys and roof areas is something we enjoy doing, we understand fully the nuisance that this build up causes. Any mess caused at ground level from falling debris can be neatly cleaned up.

Cleaning roof valleys
One of our staff adjusting his safety rope after cleaning the roof valley

Can You Have Gutter Protection mesh in Your Valleys?

The photo below shows a section of guttering that has an old metal leaf guard installed, this is restricting the movement of water and leaf debris. People sometimes ask us, “can we have gutter protection installed in our valleys?” Leaf guard is rarely installed into roof valleys because it is not suited to that. Put bluntly, gutter guard installation into valleys is a ridiculous concept. By cutting back overhanging tree branches from the roof edge we can greatly reduce the amount of leaf build up. Feel free to read more information on our main gutter guard website.

Installation of gutter guard into valleys is not advisable.
Installation of gutter protection mesh into valleys is not advisable.

Valley Cement & Metal Sheet Positioning

The cement that joins the metal sheet of your valley to the tile edge will start to break away, this dislodged cement will also cause blockages and eventually must be removed from the roof. Many modern house roofs are constructed without valley cement for this reason. Cleaning the section of gutter where it meets the valley can be quite awkward, often the valley will protrude too far into the gutter leaving only a very small gap. Regardless of how small the gap is we can access this area of guttering and thoroughly clean it. See our gutter cleaning page for more information on what is included.

We look forward to cleaning your gutters and roof valleys soon. Call us on 1300 GRAYSONS (1300 472 976)

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