Gutter Cleaning Melbourne

  • Grayson’s are experienced gutter cleaners based in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

    Our professional cleaning service includes full gutter and downpipe cleaning. We can also:

    • Cut back any overhanging tree branches to reduce the need of gutter cleaning
    • Clear debris from the entire roof
    • Install gutter guard & downpipe strainers which can also reduce the need of gutter cleaning
    • Clean and repair existing gutter guards
    • Perform a Gutter & Fascia Wash (cleaning the exterior surface of your gutter)

    Clearing Roof Channel

    The debris that collects in your gutter is rarely flushed out by rainfall. Once the gutter is blocked the rainwater may overflow or backflow into the ceiling area. Many property owners neglect their roof gutters and Grayson’s often comes across guttering that hasn’t been cleaned for 10-15 years. An important part of our gutter cleaning service is to also clear any blocked downpipes. We often find every downpipe on a house to be completely blocked. With our gutter cleaning service your gutter and downpipe system will be back in working order.

    One common misunderstanding in guttering is that if the gutters have just been replaced people assume that they must be perfectly clean. Often recent renovations on properties can be even worse as the gutters can be full of building debris from construction work.


    Gutter & Fascia Wash

    Home buyers should also be aware that those selling will do their best to make the house look clean and tidy for inspection but will often leave the gutters blocked as this part of the house can be out of sight from the ground. We can also wash the exterior surface of the gutter and fascia.

    For more info or to book Grayson’s to come to your home, please call (03) 9899 5886

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