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Cleaning gutters near you!
Cleaning gutters near you!

Spring is here and we are cleaning gutters across Melbourne! With each of the four seasons there will be different leaf and tree debris falling onto your roof. Autumn usually involves the greatest volume of leaf fall for inner city Melbourne. If you’re on the outskirts of the city you may be surrounded by native gum trees which will bombard you with leaf fall all year round.

With the coming of spring there is also fine pollen and dusty tree matter blowing around with the wind, this finer tree debris will penetrate even the finest gutter guard meshes. The pollen can build up around valleys, channels and corners creating a potential blockage of flow.

None of the four seasons will provide complete mercy from the constant battle that your roof plumbing is performing. After cleaning your gutters we are happy to explain the condition of your roof and possibly advise on strategies that will minimize the need for ongoing roof cleaning and maintenance. One of the most common problems we see on houses is a lack of downpipes. More downpipes means better water flow and less blockage.

We pay very close attention to other related problems like blocked downpipes and valleys. We can cut back trees that are too close to your roof, this is important for the longevity of your roof and also restricts possum access.

A possum nest in a roof, it's that time of year when this is more likely to happen.
A possum nest in a roof, it’s that time of year when this is more likely to happen.

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A roof being overrun by a flowering bush.

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