Daddy Long Legs spider webs attract other pests

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Cobweb removal spiders
Cobweb removal can be much harder than you’d think, especially if the cobwebs are 10 metres from the ground!

Daddy Long Legs Spiders (Pholcus phalangioides) are very common in Melbourne.  While they may seem harmless enough, their webs can attract a whole host of problems. As part of our window cleaning service, Grayson’s will remove this annoying mesh from your eaves and exterior surfaces.

The Daddy Long Legs has a tendency to build its cobwebs in and around our homes and is recognized as the most common spider in Australia. It is well known to shake the web when disturbed.

If left untouched an old cobweb of the Daddy Long Legs can be the foundation of a larger web for next generations of pests.
The presence of the cobweb can make it easier for other Spiders to build on in future.

Regular Cobweb Removal will help to eradicate pests attracted by the Daddy Long Legs web. Ask about our Window Cleaning service.

Daddy-long-legs Spider
Pholcus phalangioides, also known as the Daddy-long-legs Spider.

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