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The Stonnington suburb Malvern East is an example of a suburb with a very high percentage of large double storey houses, many of them on steep sloping blocks, which can create an almost three to four storey height roof gutter. Gutter cleaning on double storey (or higher) houses is our specialty, and our gutter cleaners can access these Malvern East roofs with the necessary safety and care.

Gutter fascia wash on a higher roof
Gutter fascia wash on a higher roof, lots of houses in Malvern and Malvern East are similar to this building in height.

Many of the older Malvern East roofs such as terracotta shingle and slate are very sensitive and difficult to service but we have the latest tools and safety equipment to ensure that gutter cleaning on these houses is performed correctly. Our Triple-G gutter protection system can more easily be fitted to higher access roofs.

Cutting back overhanging tree branches is also an important part of our gutter cleaning service.

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