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Gutter guard reviews by Grayson’s!

The featured image shows a redundant style of gutter guard that was manufactured by Nylex in New Zealand in the early 2000s. Lots of this gutter guard is still found in gutters around Melbourne, but it is no longer in stores. There are no reviews online of this cheaper style of gutter guard and many other gutter guard companies will rightly criticise it. But if your old Nylex ‘Super’ Gutter Guard is still in good condition it may be worth keeping. Old gutter guards are often completely deteriorated, but once on your roof we can advise as to whether your existing gutter guard should be kept; the final decision is yours.

We encourage you to read online reviews about different gutter guards to decide what you believe will be best. There are many gutter guard reviews on the internet, particularly from the U.S. Some of these American gutter guard reviews are very informative.

Super Nylex on the left, modern Aussie made mesh on the right
Super Nylex on the left, modern Aussie made mesh on the right

The second product in the image of the darker coloured mesh is the more modern Australian made mesh that we use. It is undoubtedly stronger and more durable than any of the other plastic meshes that we have seen.

Gutter guard reviews
One of our staff reinstalling Super Nylex gutter guard that was once manufactured in New Zealand.
Gutter Guard Installation Melbourne
Our staff installing superior quality Aussie made mesh!

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