Gutter Guard

Grayson's Gutter Guard Triple-G Mesh

Gutter guards (also called leaf guard or gutter protection) are products that are installed into roof plumbing systems to prevent damage and to reduce the need for frequent gutter cleaning. Gutter guards stop leaves and larger unwanted objects from entering but will allow water to pass.

Why Install Gutter Guard?

Gutter Guard Installation

Easy to install and remove gutter guard mesh

Without gutter guards your gutters can fill up very rapidly. The presence of leaves and tree branches is the greatest cause of blocked gutters. Gutters are hung horizontally so this leaf build up will remain in the gutters. Eventually the downpipes become completely clogged and water will start back flowing into your roof or overflowing onto the ground. This water flooding can damage your building from the ground up. Collect cleaner rain water and increase the value of your guttering!

Triple-G Gutter Mesh

Our Triple-G gutter mesh is a proud Australian invention. The result of the copolymer mix of high density polyethylene and carbon black is the toughest non-metal gutter mesh ever made. We choose to use non-metal gutter protection mesh because it fits more neatly to the various gutter profiles. Triple-G gutter mesh is highly UV resistant and will not break down the same as other materials.

Remember the initials of Grayson’s Gutter Guard and the name Triple-G Mesh!

Triple-G Specs

  • High Density Polyethylene top
  • Carbon Black under strands for added strength
  • Tougher heavy duty mesh, weighs over 1000 grams per square metre (1000gsm)
  • Hole size 2.7mm by 4.7mm, perfect hole size to minimise the entry of smaller objects like pine needles
  • Under strand thickness 2.0mm
  • Top strand thickness 1.5mm
  • Fits perfectly to an old slate roof without the need for drilling any holes.

  • Before installing our Gutter Guard, our staff will expertly clean your gutters.


Gutter Guard Installation

With Grayson’s preferred method of gutter guard installation there is no need to move tiles or drill holes in your roof, which makes it easier to remove the mesh and re-clean your gutters. Our finer Triple-G Mesh design means more debris is trapped, and leaves are generally blown off the roof by the wind — plus, our gutter guard will also stop birds from entering your roof.

Our gutter guard installation service includes a complimentary gutter cleaning service (for the area of guttering that is being covered). Before installing our gutter guard, we thoroughly clear your gutters and downpipes for blockage.

Repair and Cleaning of old Gutter Guards

We also clean and repair old gutter guards. Some gutter protection systems are quite difficult to service and require the removal of hundreds of screws. Our staff are experts at removing, cleaning and reattaching old ‘ski slope’ style gutter guards. If necessary we can even add extra screws and patch up any tears or holes in your gutter guard mesh

After removing, cleaning and reattaching old ‘ski slope’ style gutter guards, we can also patch up any tears in the mesh with matching materials.

For more info about our gutter guard, call Grayson’s now on (03) 9899 5886