Possums can block your gutters

Possums nest in Hawthorn East


Many Melbournians have been awoken late at night by the sound of those pesky possums on our roofs, but did you know they can even cause gutter blockage? However compared to the damage done by constant Gum Tree leaf debris, possums are only a pitter patter on the roof.
Our gutter cleaning service includes the pruning of tree branches from around the edge of the roof (normally within 1 metre) and the clearing of any possum droppings from the roof itself. The clearing of trees branches from around the roof edge reduces leaf debris issues in your gutters and will make it more difficult for possums to access your roof.

We often find possums living inside gutter rainheads. In one extreme case we found a dead possum jammed inside the downpipe on a house, unfortunately this was a blockage that had caused flood damage to the interior. In the photo of this blog you will see the large nest of a possum, we found this nest while cleaning gutters on the roof of a house in Hawthorn East. Lucky for the possum the home owner requested that we, “don’t disturb it, leave the nest there for the poor possum.” For a gutter cleaner it can be quite a shock when you encounter a possum nest that is occupied, the possums will quickly vacate in a very un-calm manner.

Gutter Cleaning and angry possums!