Leafy gutters are a bushfire hazard

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In recent times many Victorians have become increasingly concerned regarding the risk of bush fire. In the past, Fire fighters advised homeowners to remove all combustible material from gutters, block your downpipes and flood the guttering system with water as part of the precautions taken against an approaching bushfire either before summer or all year round.

Some reports suggest that houses with open fireplaces and active chimneys on the roof are greatly at risk as the burning embers exit the chimney and land in the gutters. *Note, if in doubt call the local fire brigade for current advisory warnings, stay safe this summer!

Metal gutter protection by Grayson's
Metal gutter protection by Grayson’s

Update 2-October-2018: Grayson’s can now install metal gutter protection systems.  As of Spring 2018 we are now offering the option of 100% metal gutter guards. We are using the latest aluminium mesh, this is permanently screwed down and fixed to the gutter edge with Grayson’s top quality G-55 steel angle trims and matching coloured screws. For corrugated roofs our gutter guard saddles are also made from the same G-55 steel. Our own plastic Triple-G gutter protection is still available for those who want an easier to remove gutter cover.

Gutter cleaning bushfire danger
Bushfires and leafy gutters shouldn’t mix (image: CSIRO)

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