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Bird spikes on an antennae
Bird spikes on an antennae

Are you tired of seeing pest birds perching on your TV antenna? We have the expertise and the equipment to safely access your roof and install our bird spikes on to the horizontal sections of your television antennas. Installation of these bird spikes will not interfere with your crisp TV picture quality!

TV antennas are often the very highest point of a house.

Pest birds like to perch on TV antennas, their acidic droppings accumulate on roofing and contribute to premature rust of your precious guttering. At times, we have removed hundreds of litres of bird droppings from gutter cleaning on a single roof. Upon inspection we can also identify other issues like bird entry points. Yes, given the chance pest birds will live and breed inside your roof. Roof gutters without any trees around can still block up purely from bird activity. Beachside properties are often the worst, seagulls carry pieces of rotten meat onto the roof and then leave bones behind. We find bones in roof gutters every week. We are specialist in bird control measures for roofing, we have removed hundreds of introduced pest birds from roof cavities. With less birds on your roof the need for gutter cleaning will be reduced.

Birds on your roof only leave one thing behind; unwanted rubbish.

By bird proofing your TV antenna, your roof will become a less attractive landing point for birds. Bird proof your roof today by calling Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning.

Note* Bird Spikes can stop pest birds from roosting and perching on the surface that has been covered by spikes, but often the birds will just move to a nearby area. We have even seen birds nesting in between spikes. There may be much more effective options suitable for your property, our gutter cleaners access hundreds of roofs every year, call us today for our expert advice on Bird Control: 1300 472 976

This TV antenna is no longer a hospitable perch for unwanted pest birds.
This TV antenna is no longer a hospitable perch for unwanted pest birds.

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