Repair of Bird Control Systems

Old bird spikes that need repair and replacement. If bird spikes are installed properly, the pigeon will not feel comfortable roosting on this ledge.

We often come across old bird proofing and bird control systems on roofs and building ledges. Bird control barriers like bird spikes can deteriorate with age and exposure to harsh weather. We can replace old bird spikes, usually with modern improved parts.

Up on top of roofs it is very common to find pieces of mesh that have been placed there to block pest birds from entry. We always endeavour to provide the best possible bird proofing solutions, using high grade materials that will last many years to come. When installing our own bird proofing meshes into roofing, the mesh can be fixed permanently and in positions where it wont be seen by future tradespeople who may access your roof at later dates. By concealing the bird proofing barriers, this can ensure that it wont be mistakenly removed by people who don’t understand why it is there; this is an important measure for long term permanent bird proofing.