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What Are the Different Gutter Types in Australia?

This post is specifically about gutter profiles, which refers to the various ways that gutter systems are installed on the roof.  There are three main types of gutters used in Australia: fascia gutters, concealed gutters, and box gutters. Each one of these gutters has its own benefits and drawbacks, and in many instances your style of roof will determine which of the roof gutter types will be most suited to your home.

Fascia Gutters

Fascia gutters, also known as eaves gutters, are the most common gutter type in Australia, and they come in a range of profiles. The most common is the classically shaped and versatile quad profile, though other common gutter profiles include O-Gee, Squareline and Roundline.

They are called fascia gutters because they combine the gutter with the fascia, which is the horizontal board or band which runs under the edge of the roof and is visible from the ground. The fascia gutters are fixed to the outside of the fascia and hung from the fascia boards. Because the fascia is visible from the ground, so are the fascia gutters, which is why there are so many designs available.

Cleaning fascia-mounted gutters
Fascia Gutters are typically found on homes throughout the suburbs of Melbourne

With this type of gutter profile the chance of backflow to the roof is reduced, especially if you choose high-volume gutters, but you will need to keep your gutters clean to ensure proper water flow. Also, the outside of your gutters, facia boards and awnings will need occasional cleaning due to the dripping down from the gutter during heavy rain.

Fascia-mounted gutters
Cleaning the guttering and fascia on fascia-mounted gutters

Another option to help keep your fascia gutters clean and free-flowing is to install gutter protection — either our removable Triple-G®  gutter mesh or the permanent ScrewTight Full-Metal™ gutter guard will be suitable depending on your roof type.

Gutter Protection on a fascia gutter
Screw Tight gutter protection on a fascia gutter

Concealed Gutters

Occasionally we see concealed gutters on older homes in Melbourne, but they are less common and can be quite problematic. These types of roof gutters, sometimes also referred to as hidden gutters, are installed behind the fascia rather than above or over it, so they are not visible from the ground. Looking up from the ground you can only see the fascia but none of the metal guttering.

Possum drey in a concealed gutter
A possum nest (called a “drey”) inside a concealed gutter; to the left are more concealed gutters.

Concealed gutters are also sometimes found on commercial premises. Through our many years of commercial gutter cleaning, we often find that the gutter installations are concealed to allow shop signs, billboards, advertising, lighting or security cameras to be mounted on the building’s fascia board — the guttering is deliberately hidden to allow the attachments to be prominent and unobstructed.

Concealed gutters on a hotel
Concealed gutters on a hotel with advertising on the fascia board
Cleaning concealed gutters on a commercial building
Cleaning concealed gutters on a commercial building

The design of concealed gutters can itself be prone to water pooling and collecting, which can lead to corrosion or internal damage. In other cases, the drainage system is flawed, which leads to large amounts of water falling down the side of the house rather than draining neatly via the downpipes.

Because they are concealed, these types of gutters (both on residential and commercial properties) can often be forgotten or neglected, which can cause many issues down the line. It’s important to never forget about your gutters, and to make sure they are serviced regularly, especially if you don’t have a gutter guard system installed!

Box Gutters

Despite the name, box gutters are not called so because of their shape, although they are usually square. The box refers to the way that these gutters are boxed in near the edge of the roof. Box gutters are another great option for those wanting gutters that will not be visible from the ground, which is why they have seen an increase in popularity in the last 20 years. Many trendier homes being constructed in Melbourne in recent years are using box gutter installations.

Boxed Gutters on a Home in Melbourne
Boxed Gutters on a new home and garage roof

Box gutters are also frequently used in commercial building installations like factories, warehouses, shopping centres, sporting complexes, schools, and office blocks. Apart from the obvious architectural and design differences in a commercial setting versus residential structures, council regulations and building codes often require commercial buildings to have guttering systems that can accommodate high volumes of water flow from larger roof areas, and the design of modern box gutters are well suited to this purpose. Grayson’s are experts at accessing commercial roofs; we have massive 38 foot long ladders that allow us to safely reach three and four storey roofs to clean the gutters.

Cleaning box gutters on a commercial building
Cleaning box gutters on a commercial building

Box gutters can have their drawbacks. They are one of the types of gutters most prone to overflow issues, which can be particularly destructive since the overflow goes directly on the roof and can cause serious water damage. Installing a box gutter leaf guard system on box gutters is very important for maintaining water flow and keeping your roof in good shape.


No matter what gutter styles are on your roof, Grayson’s have the solution to keep all types of gutters clean and flowing. Get in touch with us today for more information!


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