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A massive hail storm hit Melbourne on the 6th of March 2010. The falling hail knocked so many leaves off trees that it seemed like Autumn was all in one day. The fall of autumn came early simply due to this storm. People across the city reported seeing hailstones bigger than tennis balls during the storm. The debris from the storm clogged gutters in many suburbs. Citizens of Melbourne have rarely seen such a large amount of hail in one storm. If your gutters are blocked because of the hailstorm then gutter cleaning is a big priority.

Hail storm in Melbourne
Melbourne’s severe hailstorm 6th March, 2010

Heavy rainfall and thunderstorms in March in Melbourne seems to be a yearly occurrence. Check out our latest post about a Melbourne hail storm here.

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2 Responses
  1. Peter Leach

    When those hail stones hit my roof it sounded like WW3 had started. I didn’t think about the gutter but ended up cleaning the whole back yard of gum leaves. Better get the gutter cleaning done!

  2. Tony20

    if your backyard was full of gum leaves think about your gutters. My gutter cleaning involved a lot of hard work a couple of months after the hail storm. i ignored them and the gutters got worse.

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