Melbourne Heavy Rainfall – 21st of March

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The bureau of meteorology has forecast up to 30mm of rain and the chance of a thunderstorm for today. This is a very large amount of rainfall, if your gutters and downpipes are blocked, now is the time that they could overflow or backflow into your roof.

We have a large team of professional gutter cleaners on-call to handle increased amounts of work. Our gutter cleaning service covers a wide area of Melbourne. If your home or office is located outside our service area or you need advice on what to do, feel free to call us and we can recommend your other options.

In many cases we can clean your gutters on the same day that you call, but often we must wait until the storm passes before safely accessing the roof.

Our service includes:

  • Clearing all blocked downpipes
  • Pruning overhanging trees
  • Clearing valleys and other roof areas where debris has built up

If water is back flowing from your roof into your house call us now on 1300 472 976

Inspecting a downpipe entry that is covered by a strainer, this was a shopping centre roof in Mill Park.
Our gutter cleaners getting right inside a commercial roof gutter to clear a blockage

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