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Whenever a big storm hits Melbourne we receive more enquiries from homeowners about gutter cleaning, and the most recent storm was no exception!

For much of February and March this year Melbourne experienced a dry period with less rain. Last Tuesday the 21st that changed when suddenly showers swept across the city. Interestingly, the wettest day recorded was in the Mornington Peninsula suburb of Main Ridge, they had 56mm of rain on the 6th of March.

Gutter between 2 roofs
Cleaning a gutter between 2 different roofs that meet.

People often ask us, “how will I know that my downpipes and gutters are flowing, I don’t have a ladder?” Next time there is a storm you can go outside during the rain and walk the perimeter of your house, put your ear to the downpipes that are running down your exterior walls and listen. If they are flowing freely you should be able to hear the water coming down the pipes. If you see water overflowing from any part of the guttering this is a bad sign, there may be a blocked downpipe nearby. Most house guttering systems in leafy areas that haven’t been attended to will have blocked downpipes. When cleaning your gutters we can advise on what is causing these problems and how you can combat them.

Gutter Cleaning after a big storm

We are always inundated with gutter cleaning jobs after a big storm, but our staff work hard to ensure all customers’ gutters are cleaned as promptly as possible.

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