Before and After a Gutter Cleaning and Roof Sweep

Recently at a house in Eaglemont, a suburb 10km north-east of Melbourne’s CBD, we needed to cut back numerous trees that were hanging over a garage roof. Once sweeping the entire roof area we then proceeded to clean the gutters.

Cutting a tree before sweeping the roof

Cutting back the tree before sweeping the roof

Making branches shorter for transport

Chopping the branches into shorter pieces for transportation

Our gutter cleaners will neatly stack the tree branches in an appropriate part of your garden. For an additional fee we can remove this rubbish from your property.

The roof ready for sweeping

The roof ready for sweeping

We avoid using leaf blowers for roof sweeping because they create a uncontrollable mess at ground level.

After a gutter clean and sweep

The after photo! Our staff are dedicated to providing top quality gutter cleaning. Roof sweeping and tree pruning is an important part of roof maintenance.

We look forward to cleaning your gutters soon. Our related services are found throughout this website.

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