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Often we attend our customers houses to do quality control inspections after a professional gutter cleaning service. By getting a video camera up onto the roof and into the gutter itself, we can quickly determine if the cleaning has been performed to our high standards.

Here is a quick “quality check” video with the camera up close inside a roof gutter. The gutters in this video were recently cleaned by our expert staff in the suburb of Hawthorn in Melbourne. As you can see in this simple video, the gutters are very clean.

Here we are carrying out another video inspection of a gutter that we recently cleaned in Kew, Melbourne.

A regular gutter clean involves removing all loose debris from the gutters, valleys and downpipes. If necessary the gutters and downpipes will also be flushed with water. We encourage our customers to visually inspect their gutters after we have completed the job.

We have previously demonstrated how anyone with an old camera phone can safely and easily inspect their gutters without needing to climb up a ladder or physically access the roof in any way — you can check out our instructional video on how to create your own “gutter cam” here.

To arrange for your gutters to be expertly cleaned by Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning, call us now on 1300 472 976.

Inspecting a gutter after cleaning for quality control

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