Flock of Pigeons found under a roof solar panel system in Melbourne

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Dirt around a solar panel system
An entire flock of pigeons are living and breeding under this solar panel system. Their droppings cause many problems for the roof, note the blockage in the roof valley.

The featured image is a photo of a roof solar panel system with a major pigeon problem in the western suburb of Altona. There are over 30 adult pigeons living under the panels. At Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning we devise strategies to eradicate pest birds from roofing.

Eradicating the pigeons from this roof will be a difficult task. We will be blocking over 40 metres of potential pest bird entry. There are open entry points on all sides of every panel. The roof has solar panels on the east, north and west sides. Pigeon control requires a bit more planning and thought than the systems used to eradicate some of the smaller pest bird species like the Starling. With our high ladders and equipment we can access any residential house roof in Melbourne. We are able to clean away the bird fouling from the entire exterior. Cleaning of the solar panels will also help the household generate more power.

There are other species of pest birds in Melbourne, Indian Mynas in particular are destroying Australia’s native birds. This is a problem that is only getting worse, pest bird species are dramatically increasing in numbers as native birds gradually disappear from metropolitan areas.

pigeon entry points
Multiple pigeon entry points due to an extensive solar panel system

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