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Gutter protection on an old slate roof.

How Do You Protect Your Gutters?

In the roofing industry ‘gutter protection’ normally refers to leaf guards. Leaf guard is certainly one option but be aware it’s not always suited to all gutters. There are many other ways of protecting your roof guttering and therefore increasing its lifetime.

Some other ideas for gutter protection include:

1. Tree Pruning

Try to keep any tree branches at least one metre away from your gutter, fascia and roof surfaces. This includes any part of your roof such as gables and chimneys.

Cutting a vine away from the edge of a flat roof.
Cutting a vine away from the edge of a flat roof.

2. Unnecessary Add Ons

Avoid attaching other building fixtures to your guttering. Things like sun shade sails and even Christmas lights will place added weight to your gutters which can potentially cause sagging. Be aware that the installation of roof ‘add ons’ could solve one problem but then create new ones. Air conditioners, satellite dishes and solar panels, could all interfere with the function of your roof plumbing.

3. Common Care

Look out for overhead crushing risks, too often we see shop front gutters damaged as higher vehicles like trucks accidentally bump into the gutters.

4. More Downpipes

Consider installing more roof-to-ground downpipes. Most houses don’t have enough downpipes and in too many cases we see these downpipes emptying onto other parts of the roof. The more downpipes you have that are directly connected to the underground stormwater drains the better flow you’ll have.

5. Finding a Plumber

Use only licensed roof plumbers when getting any guttering work done. The plumbing code states that only a licensed plumber is allowed to make alterations to the metal parts of your roof. This includes gutters, downpipes, flashing, valleys and ANY part of your roof water flow system that is metal. There are thousands of plumbers in the phonebooks and online, we recommend finding one in your area that has their physical address listed (not just a PO BOX with mobile number). Some plumbers don’t like working at heights so ask them if they specialise in roofing.

6. Professional Gutter Cleaners

Employ only experienced gutter cleaners. Any gutter cleaning service should include the clearing of blocked downpipes, valleys and over hanging tree branches.

A standard quad gutter, completely clear of any blockage.
A standard quad gutter, completely clear of any blockage.

7. Keep Maintenance Regular

Regularly clean your gutters both inside and out. Another one of our services is called ‘Gutter & Fascia wash.’ We wash the exterior surface to remove rust creating mould.

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