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Watch this gutter cleaning inspection cam video and learn how to easily check the condition of your gutters from the safety of the ground. All you need is an old camera phone, sticky tape and a small broomstick or pole. If your gutters are higher up, just use a longer pole. Make sure you camera is securely attached to the pole, hit record and then raise it up!!

If you find you’re in need of a gutter cleaner after filming your gutters, call us on 1300 472 976.


Video Transcript:

Stop! You don’t need ladders when cleaning your gutters!

Just tape your camera to a short pole or broomstick!

You don’t need an expensive camera for this trick — just an old camera phone will do, ordinary sticky tape, and a broomstick.

Just tape your old camera phone to the broomstick. The most obvious part is, don’t cover the camera lens with the sticky tape, and once you’ve finished taping your old camera phone onto your pole, you’re ready to go outside and start filming those gutters. And you’ll see at the end of this video what the gutters look like from the end of the extension pole with our camera on board.

This particular roof doesn’t have any trees overhanging, so that small layer of debris that you see is typical of a gutter that hasn’t been cleaned in a couple of years in this case.

In a moment you’ll see that in fact we are actually cleaning this gutter — there’s the man’s shoes there, and his hand — and this section now is much clearer, this is the section of gutter that’s just been cleared as we speak.

When bringing the camera back down to ground just be careful you don’t smash it, and just bear with us now for some more “gutter cam” action!

Grayson demonstrating a home-made Gutter Cleaning Inspection Cam

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