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There are many different types of gutter guards, all of them have advantages and disadvantages. Is metal better? Is plastic better?

In the video we show some footage of us cleaning an existing metal gutter guard that has been permanently attached. It involves removing almost 150 different screws. Metal guards have the advantage of being fireproof.

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Video Transcript

Today you’ll see us servicing an old metal gutter guard, a permanently fixed gutter guard that is blocked up.

One of the most frequently asked questions in the gutter guard industry is, “Are the metal gutter guards better than plastic?” And, people often also ask, “Are permanently fixed gutter guards better?”

Well, in this video, you’ll see just how difficult it is to remove a permanently fixed gutter guard, but we can say that any system may have its advantages and disadvantages. And, hopefully you can just make up your own mind, once you’ve watched a bit of this footage.

There are approximately 150 different screws holding the angle trim down on this permanently fixed gutter guard, and to properly clean it we have to remove almost every one of those screws and then replace.

In the gutter guard industry, that piece of metal is known as the ‘angle trim’, and that is known as a badly blocked gutter!

I’m guessing this metal gutter guard has only been on this roof for about three or four years, and already it’s absolutely completely blocked.

It’s a concrete roof, and gradually the material is eroding, so eventually the gutter will be full of dust and dirt from the erosion of the tiles.

Then birds come along and do their droppings on the roof. The bird seeds end up in the gutter and now you have weeds growing.

And once those weeds grow, there’s a bed of roots underneath and there’s no way that you can clean that gutter properly without taking the gutter guard off. The only way to clean these gutters properly is to remove the gutter guard; but, then we’ll put it back on.

It’s a very good quality gutter guard, very strong, quite small holes, not much is getting through. But, the downside of these permanently fixed gutter guards is that it’s quite difficult to remove — it’s quite a bit more work than a regular cleaning job, but we have the tools and expertise to get this done efficiently and safely.

There’s the gable part of the roof with no gutter or gutter guards.

And of course, another important part of gutter cleaning is pruning all these trees back.

Here’s the interesting side over here, that’s where part of the gutter guard has collapsed in. It could be from a tree branch hitting it, or even a possum walking across, but later today we will screw that section back on — we repair it.

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