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A steep pitched roof.
A steep pitched roof in Toorak, Melbourne.

snow on roof Gutter Cleaning

Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning often gets asked the question, “why was my roof constructed with such a high pitch?” High pitched roofs are roofs that have a very steep slope on them, a low pitch roof is less than 30 degrees. Lots of the older houses of inner city Melbourne were constructed this way with English and European architecture in mind.

In England, many of the roofs are hit by snow storms during winter and to minimise the amount of snow that stays on the roof the steep slopes are necessary. A flat roof could literally collapse under metres of snow build up. If someone had explained to these European settlers that it rarely snows in Melbourne things might be different and it’s fair to say there’d be a lot more flat roofs in Melbourne.

Another advantage with steep pitched roofs is less leaf debris collects on the roof and in the gutters. A much larger portion of this falling debris falls off the roof or is blown away by the wind, this means less gutter blockage. In the case of gutter cleaning on flat roofs we often spend more time sweeping and clearing the roof itself than the gutters.

Early in the morning during Melbourne’s winter months the gutters can reach almost icy temperatures, but our persistent gutter cleaning teams carry on. We are equipped and experienced to know how to deal with every roof type. When these Melbourne gutters are this cold we are still grateful to be on your property because in some parts of the world the same gutters will be frozen completely rock solid making gutter cleaning almost impossible. We hope to hear from you soon; even if it’s an icy cold Melbourne morning!

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Edited 6th, August 2018


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