Steep Pitched Roofs are easier to clean than flat roofs

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Remarkably, guttering systems with a very steep pitched roof will usually collect much less debris in the gutters than the flat roof type, every roof is different for our gutter cleaners. With a very steep pitched roof the leaf debris tends to be blown away by the wind rather than stay on the roof. Often the worst-case scenario is a flat roof surrounded by gum trees, in this case the entire roof may need to be swept in preparation for gutter cleaning. In the main photo of this page our gutter cleaner is rigged up to a professional anchor point, this is the roof of a large private school in Toorak.

In the case of very steeply pitched roofs Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning will set up larger ladders. It may be impossible to safely clean the gutters from your steeper roofs, but by using larger 30 foot ladders we will always find a way of cleaning your gutter. Most of the leaves would’ve slid away due to the angle of the tiles or metal sheets, but there will still be some dust, dirt and building debris such as broken off pieces of tile, these objects will block your gutters. Our gutter cleaning specialist remove all rubbish from the gutter and even flush your gutters with water to test that everything is smooth flowing!

To arrange for your gutters to be expertly cleaned by Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning, call us now on 1300 472 976.

Gutter Cleaning on a flat roof

Cleaning gutters on a flat iron roof
Cleaning gutters on a flat iron roof

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