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Installing a downpipe strainer
Installing a downpipe strainer

The featured image of this article shows us installing a downpipe strainer.

Downpipe clearing is actually even more important than gutter cleaning. If you only clean the gutters and not the downpipes you unfortunately have done little to solve the problem.

We clear blocked downpipes on almost every house that we work on. Downpipes usually block up towards the top between the first and second bend. We can successfully clear about 95-99% of downpipe blockages but occasionally the downpipe will be blocked deeper down and you may need a plumber to dismantle the pipe.

Dismantling of downpipes and guttering is unfortunately beyond a regular gutter clean; only a licensed plumber is meant to do this. In these cases where dismantling is necessary it is often due to blockages in the underground storm water pipes. Regular gutter cleaning and gutter guard installation helps to eliminate this problem. We can also install meshes that act as downpipe strainers. Note that downpipe strainers may require regular cleaning.

Badly Installed Down-Pipe
Badly Installed Down-Pipe

The above photo shows an unblocked downpipe spreader that was installed too close to the wall channel.

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  1. Tom Bill

    I totally agree with this post. Both downpipe cleaning and gutter cleaning were really a pain. Considering this limitations can be a good idea to have a smooth and east cleaning. Thanks for sharing. Will surely visit your blog again next time.

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