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The photos show one of our staff installing bird spikes on the S-bend of a downpipe, this is to stop pest birds from roosting on the downpipe. When pest birds like Indian Mynas and Starlings roost on downpipes they can cause rust and paintwork damage to the downpipe surface, their droppings are acidic. In some cases birds will build nests on the S-bend. In Melbourne only introduced pest species will roost and nest on downpipes, there is no risk to native birds because native birds will only nest in the trees.

Putting bird spikes on the downpipe


Before installing spikes we will clean the downpipe and surrounding wall to remove all bird fouling. Throughout this website there are more gutter protection and bird control related topics.

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Cleaning a downpipe before installing bird spikes

The above photo shows our staff cleaning a downpipe to remove bird fouling. When we are finished cleaning away the bird fouling the spikes are installed.

Bird Spikes on a down pipe

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