Gutter Cleaning and Downpipes

We often explain to our gutter cleaning customers that one of the biggest causes of roof gutter blockage and overflow is the lack of downpipes. During a big storm there can be hundreds of litres per minute coming off the roof into the gutters. Many houses do not have enough downpipes to drain this water away and it can overflow or flood parts of the building.
As an example, a medium sized single storey house in Melbourne will have about 4 downpipes and about 50-60 metres of gutter. We know from experience that there should be at least one downpipe for roughly every 10 metres of guttering and this varies depending on other factors such as square metres of roof area.

You could count how many downpipes you have at home, but be aware that for many practical reasons plumbers and builders install less than one for every 10 metres. Our regular gutter cleaning service includes clearing all downpipes. If you are located in Melbourne feel free to call and during our gutter cleaning service we can advise on possible options such as gutter guard or pruning of overhanging trees that are contributing to gutter blockage.

Gutter Cleaning and Downpipes in Melbourne