Removing Creeper and Ivy Bushes from Roofs – Part of a Gutter Cleaning Service

Ivy Plants & Creepers Overrun Roofs

A crucial part of any gutter cleaning service is cutting away any tree branches, ivies or creeper plants that are interfering with your gutters. Trees can cause gutter blockage problems from a great distance away but with creepers and ivies the plants will totally cover your roof and even grow through your tiles into the eaves. In summertime these ivy bushes can even become an attractive nest area for European Wasps. The overgrowth of ivies and other bushes on roofs can make our gutter cleaners feel as though they’re stuck in dense scrubland.

The featured image of this article is one of our oldest photos, one of our gutter cleaners is working hard to stop a plant from taking over a flat roof. We carry an array of branch pruning and hedge pruning tools, we combat  some of the worst “tree meets roof” infestations in Melbourne.

Melbourne Gutter Cleaner pruning branches

Melbourne Gutter Cleaner hacking through some dense overgrowth on a roof

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